Saturday, September 15, 2012


With the recent passing of Astronaut Niel Armstrong, I took a long hard look at what I really loved about the space program and all the cool reality-based stuff that had come out, especially MAJOR MATT MASON.  I know there is a movie that is coming, probably by the end of next year or year after.  Mattel recently put out a MAJOR MATT WRESTLING BUDDY--big stuffed doll and in his standard moon suit to boot.   SDCC 2012, Mattel had ALL vintage Major Matt Mason toys in a display case.  Considering that Hasbro's TRANSFORMERS and GI JOE had movies to help support the line, Im hoping this is Mattel's way of seeing MAJOR MATT is BACK.  Questions that hit my mind are A) Will Mattel just re-issue the classic bendy body w/helmet and new head and all the classic toys it came with?  B) Will Mattel come up with a new and improved version based on the old or have the look and feel of the old MMM and some new and interesting vehicles?  C) Will they do both a classic line and a 3 3/4 line?  D) Will they have playsets and vehicles?  If so, what should Mattel be shooting for?

Here are my thoughts

A) CLASSIC LINE IS A MUST--Using the same body, 4 different colors (white, red, yellow, blue) , 5 if you want a silver version, the same heads should be used and come with a helmet w/visor.  Why?  Nostalgia and folks that remembered MMM back in the day want the same as it was in yesteryear.  Vehicles, I would hold off on unless Mattel would do something small like a sit down track sled or accessories card like they did in the day---keep it small, but they can easily charge 12-14$ MSRP and make a killing.

B) 3 3/4 figures would definately work, again same body-I would go with what Hasbro is doing with Joes/SW but keep the articulation a bit simple and focus on detail and playability.  This leaves Mattel a chance to make some great vehicles ---what vehicles I have no idea, but I know I would love to see a LUNAR LANDER, COMMAND MODULE W/SERVICE MODULE (Make sure they can connect) and a ROVER of some sort to start.  

C) Yes, DO BOTH!

D) God I hope so.  If I was MATTEL, I would be shooting for the nostalgia factor and base everything that are thinking of doing on reality based vehicles and sensible playsets.


-Some sort of Lunar Lander with detachable ascent stage--#1) Its classic and its based on the Apollo landings, I know MMM lives and works on the moon, but this set could also be used to help educate kids about SPACE and MOON EXPLORATION, especially from the beginning.  Also this could be sold thru Discovery Channel/History Channel as well as NASA and NATL AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM and other SPACE MUSEUMS.  It has never been done other than on a very small scale, 1/48 I think.   Allow for two astronauts, opening/closing hatch, compartment for storage and some minor accessories and lights/sounds if you really want all the bells and whistles. Below is the incredible PAT LeBLANC's Lunar Lander, you cant tell me this wouldn't work, its just too damn incredible, if Mattel could pull anything close to this off, I'm IN, ALL IN!

-Command Module w/Service Module---A capsule may not work here but I like the COMMAND MODULE to connect to the LUNAR LANDER, but with this connection, I wanted the COMMAND/SERVICE Module to be able to be a playset unto itself and possibly connect to other Command/Service modules via a multi docking port that can be sold with it.  Inside can be opened by opening a side panel similar to the old MMM TRANSPORT  but with small connectors for feet on inside and outside, an umblical line, hatch to open and close, duty stations,  stand up sleeping bags.  The idea is to turn this playset into a component piece to make a Lunar Station. 

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